Outlook “Can” Be a Productivity Powerhouse

I admit it, when it comes to organization of daily tasks, I am a mess. Or have been, until now, I hope. In my years of Web Development I’ve never quite found a system of organization, time tracking, and time management that worked for me. Whether it is because of my ADHD type tendencies (I’ve Outlook “Can” Be a Productivity Powerhouse

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Got Bit By Photography

By no stretch of the imagination and I a photographer. It’s been so long that I hardly know the functions of the, new to me, camera I received recently. However, a brisk stroll through the woods near my property does a heart and a mind good. Aaand I managed to remember some things about digital Got Bit By Photography

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I remember homecoming

If it isn’t obvious at this point this blog is not meant for web development or design topics explicitly. It is meant for an all over the place kind of brain dump and me talking to myself. My oldest daughter, soon to be 16, had her homecoming a couple of weeks ago. I got a I remember homecoming

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